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"Ejaculation By Command"

(These have been edited and names changed to initials for privacy)

"Hi Lloyd, firstly I wanted to drop you a quick note and to say hello. I'm promoting your ejaculation by command product in the last few months and so far I'm very satisfied with the results. I made dozens of sales in this period and have noticed that the refund rate is lower than most of the other products in this niche and the conversion rate is very good."

~ O.Z.

"And, man, I don't know how you do it. I've seen a wide range of affiliate products and their tools, but you blow them all out of the water. You constantly keep your affiliate area updated, keep your affiliates informed, and your response time is impeccable -- light years ahead of the rest. Every vendor should take care of their affiliates like you take care of us. You're the epitome of what a vendor/affiliate manager should be."

~ J.M.

"Alright just got sale #2 looks like both my sales the upsell was purchased which is incredible! Hopefully this continues! I would like to get myself to 1-2 sales on a consistent basis then expand into other advertising avenues to get it to 4-5 per day. Thanks for your help by the way, its nice to talk to the product creators!"

~ D.S.

"Thanks for all the great tools up to this point! I am just creating my very first affiliate site. Your tools have been very helpful. I am very impressed with your product and your amazing response time. We have done lots of research at the same time, and your product really proves to be top notch. I really hope that I can help to make us both a ton of money!"

~ J.W

"I've learned more from you in 2 days than I have learned the last three years. I just checked my clickbank stats and I have made 2 sales in the last couple of days. As always, thanks for the great advice!!!"

~ R.H.

"I made my first sale on ClickBank with your ebook several days ago! That's cool. Your autoresponder e-mails work very well. :)"

~ A.

"Hi Lloyd, thanks for the quick reply and thanks for the bonus ebook that I can offer in my promotion efforts.

I've never met any product owner who offers so much materials for his affiliates. This was your main selling point because I looked at both your product and others and the affiliate support and materials given was the main difference. Just thought I'd throw it up there so you know you're doing good on that aspect as a product owner. =)"

~ J.W.

"You seem to know your stuff... That's why with your quick and positive responses I know I can entrust you to keep updating your product to sell for a long time. If so, your gonna see my name come up often on your daily summary. Thank you."

~ N.U.

"Hi Lloyd, so much to why your product becamse that popular with affiliate...your support is AWESOME! Nothing like dealing with a pro I'd say. :)"

~ D.L.

"Hey Lloyd, I really appreciated your tips you gave me about my squeeze page. After reading what you sent me I feel good about promoting your product. I really enjoyed your material and can see it helping out a lot of guys."

~ M.C.

"Thanks so much for all the great tools. I'll be able to create a really good site with a lot of rich content. Plus, tons of traffic generating material too. I should have the site up in running in the next few weeks and I look forward to us making a lot of money together."

~ E. S.

"Wow, man. First off, thanks for the quick response and the guides. I really do appreciate you taking the time and effort to get back to me in a timely fashion. It really shows you care for your customers, as well as your affiliates."

~ J.M.

"Hi Lloyd, Thank you so much for taking the time to reply in such detail. I plan to make all of the suggestions you gave me & very much appreciate you taking the time to answer my email."

~ K.S.

"Yes this is why I choose your product to promote as you care about your affiliates and provide good support!"

~ C.

"Hi Lloyd, Thanks for your answers, I really appreciate them. As a beginner it is good to have someone that guides you. You will never know how much this means!"

~ J.G.

"Thanks for your fast reply. I'm impressed! I am also very impressed with all of the marketing materials & tools you make available to your affiliates."

~ D.M.

"Hi Lloyd, Just wanted to touch base and tell you how impressed I am with your affiliate program. The resources you provide are very helpful and second to none! I've actually been stuck on a few other projects I've had going but I'm now free to start ramping it up and promoting your product!"

~  D.G.

"Thanks Lloyd. I received the bonus and I have made my first sale of your product."

~ T.M.

"Excellent - thanks Lloyd. Appreciate your help. I really like your approach, as it makes my job a whole lot easier to promote your product other others."

~ J.A.

"Hi Lloyd, Thanks for your info! I am setting up the blog and now will defn add your bonus in! Thanks so much for your tips! I will work hard on it! =)"

~ C.

"Hi Lloyd, thanks a lot for the material. I really like you landing page. In fact, it’s one of the best landing pages I’ve seen in Men’s health niche on clickbank. The email sequence is good too so I think your product is really worth to promote. I now have all I need to create a nice plan to promote ejaculation by command."

~ A.

"I find that your product is better than others, so I will try to keep selling it. Thanks so much. "

~ C.A.

"Hey Lloyd, thanks a lot for the info. I really am grateful for your advice - obviously this works for both of us since I am your affiliate, but some other vendors just don't take the time to write back."

~ C.Y.

"Hi Lloyd, thanks for the fast replies and Buyer Incentive. I took a quick look tonight and everything looks really good! I am very impressed with the graphic design, art work, and of course the content inside the ebook.

I have seen a lot of mediocre and poor eBooks in rhe past. In contrast, your materials are all outstanding. I really look foraward to getting my websites up soon and promoting your products."

~ D.M.

"Lloyd, thanks for all the support and your advice. Being a newbie (and hooked up with the 9-5 job) pressures, this takes all the practice and some sort of advice from experienced ones. I am indebted to you for that. But I know this would come close to perfect in due time. I'm not giving up :)."

~ R.A.

"Thanks a lot for your help! I will follow your advice and work on this when i'll be back from work later today."

~ R.D.

"Thanks for the quick reply. Now I am sure that you are very serious about your business :)"

~ N.V.

"Hi Lloyd, I noticed that you've done a lot of work updating your aff page. I like it and thanks. It helps a lot for marketers who don't have the time to craft out new emails all together."

~ M.A.

"I really appreciate your detailed response wow, thanks very much. Look out for a huge surge in traffic and sales from me in the near future as I take those tops spots in the serps for those prize keywords."

~ J.H.

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