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Subject: Best positions to beat an early climax


Are you embarrassed by how soon you finish in bed? Is premature ejaculation making you feel less of a man and more like a lousy lover?

Well, there is probably nothing worse than your woman anticipating a night of pleasure, only to have you end up being "too quick on the draw".

It can happen to ANY guy (and you probably know it all too well)...

And one of the questions I get more than ANY other is whether there are positions that help men last longer in bed.

The simple truth is, there are!

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But here's the thing... most couples adopt at most 2 different positions during lovemaking.

Well, considering that most guys climax within two to four minutes, that does not provide much leeway for experimenting with different positions.

But ironically, the converse is also true...

The more positions you experiment with, the more likely you will find some positions that will give you better control over your arousal and stimulation levels.

In short, how long you last in bed can be directly controlled and improved by the sex position you use.

There are certain positions that put undue stress on the core muscle groups in your body - particularly your abs, arms, thighs, buttocks and pelvis. This stress makes it difficult to control your arousal.

The missionary position is a surefire position for quick ejaculation. Well, this is a common position that most guys use during sex... so is it any wonder that many men don't last the distance?

What happens is that this position requires you to prop yourself up. And after thrusting for a couple of minutes, the amount of stress and tension in the muscles on your arms and legs will gradually build up and push you over the edge... making you lose control over your arousal.

So what positions are great for prolonging ejaculation?

I'm glad you ask :-)

The woman-on-top or cowgirl position gives you far better ejaculatory control even though your woman is actually controlling the movements and thrusting.


Because this position allows your body to be completely relaxed and stress-free. You are lying on your back and just enjoying the sensations coursing through your body. When you are relaxed and your main body muscle groups that precipitate ejaculation are not tensed, it becomes much easier for you to control your arousal.

A good way to vary the positions is to start off with the missionary when you are most in control and have the highest energy level.

When fatigue kicks in and you know you are close to an orgasm, switch to the cowgirl. The fact that you are changing positions also helps tamper your arousal and keep your ejaculatory reflexes in control.

Try experimenting with different positions until you discover a few that give both of you pleasure and help you last longer in the sack at the same time!

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Talk soon,

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