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Platinum Package Item #1 - "Longevity Supremo: Developing Sexual Endurance On Autopilot" ($67 Value)

Longevity SupremoThe Ejaculation By Command program works very well on its own. But Longevity Supremo will put the entire program on "autopilot" and gets you results even faster. How does this work?

Remember I mentioned on the previous page how your mental game plays a vital role in improving your sexual endurance? Longevity Supremo automatically "reprograms" your inner mind with positive affirmations and dramatically enhances the training you get with Ejaculation By Command, so that you'll achieve exciting inner transformation, effortlessly.

No, this is not some sort of pill, drug, lotion or portion that you need to use. No hypnosis, meditation or reading are needed, either. This is the same scientifically proven system used by Olympic Medalists, peak-performance experts and even the U.S. Army to achieve optimal performance in their respective fields.

This revolutionary system has dramatically changed lives overnight - and will transform yours too in a hurry!

Platinum Package Item #2 - "Beyond Supreme Stamina: Achieving Male Multiple Orgasms" ($27 Value)

Achieving Male Multiple OrgasmsIt's an awesome experience to be able to last longer in bed. But that is NOTHING compared to the ability for a man to enjoy totally mind-blowing MULTIPLE orgasms... almost on command.

Once you're able to turn the tables on premature ejaculation, you WILL want to learn the closely-guarded secrets of male multiple orgasms to DRAMATICALLY TRANSFORM your sexual potential and sexual power.

In this concise eBook, you will learn how to achieve this pinnacle of sexual performance... and not only enjoy powerhouse sex that lasts, but also a powerful sexual relationship that takes on a whole new, glorious perspective that 99% of men can only dream about!

I was initially tempted to sell this eBook as a separate course. But I've come to realize that this information is too important for you to miss. So that's why for a limited time only, I'm giving you an opportunity to get your hands on these exclusive secrets!

Platinum Package Item #3 - "Penis Supremacy: Natural Penis Enlargement Made Easy"($27 Value) 

Penis SupremacyAdding genuine size and strength to one's male anatomy is one of the most eagerly sought-after endeavors of men. After all, a longer, thicker and more powerful manhood instills greater confidence in the sack and guarantees a bigger turn on for women.

But what if size is NOT on your side... or if you simply wish to have a more impressive member?

Fret not! In this eBook, I will lay out the bare truths about penis enlargement and simple, proven techniques you can learn and practice from home using just your hands to naturally supercharge your size, and command stronger, harder erections at will. 

No pills, pumps, weights, lotions, surgery or other silly approaches are needed... just simple, time-tested strategies that are proven to work to give you an amazing manhood you will be proud of!

Platinum Package Item #4 - "Sexual Turbo Fuel: Powerful  Sex Foods & Nutritional Secrets To BOOST Your Sexual Health" ($27 Value)

Finally... in the privacy of your own home... you can now discover the raw power of "sex foods and nutritional secrets" that can turn you into a legendary lover and leave your partner completely satisfied... without harmful side effects or outrageous costs.

This eBook will significantly improve your sexual health and make you feel like a hot-blooded, testosterone-driven 21-year-old again. You'll be the rockstar - the virtually undefeated champion in the bedroom!

I can't even begin to describe how powerfully these simple every-day foods and their nutrients can affect your life. And you can find them all here, in this exciting new report.

You will discover pages of powerful information that could turn you into an insatiable lover that never has "ordinary" sex...ever again!

SPECIAL BONUS  - "Advanced Sex Positions:  Sensational Positions That Make Sex HOTTER!"($27 Value, Yours Free!)

Gear up, guys, because we've got the sex-expert scoop on how to fire up her erotic passions with these advanced sex positions to provide even more bliss to your bods... and supersize her pleasure peaks.

Whether it's an earth-shattering, bed-rattling orgasm you're after... or a supersensory, tantalizing lovemaking session, the amazing female instructors behind "2 Girls Teach Sex" have specially created this exclusive collection of full-color illustrations and step-by-step instructions to shake up your sex life and electrify your partner's orgasm.

A perfect complement to the "Top 10 Sex Positions" you see on the previous page, this special edition of scorching bedroom moves will have you put the fire department on speed dial :)

(This bonus is available for a limited time only)

Now you can get the entire Ejaculation By Command PLATINUM Package (comes complete with 10 eBooks, the Longevity Supremo system, 14 professionally-recorded audio coaching sessions, G-spot stimulation videos, oral sex videos, priority 1-on-1 support and free lifetime updates) right now for a low one-time investment of just $79!

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"Upgrade To Platinum Now"
Special Offer: $79 Only
Click Here To Unlock Your Supreme Stamina >>


(Backed by 60-day money back guarantee)

Client feedback

Client feedback

"Upgrade To Platinum Now"
Special Offer: $79 Only
Click Here To Unlock Your Supreme Stamina >>


(Backed by 60-day money back guarantee)

(NOTE: The Standard Package does NOT include the 5 exclusive resources and eBooks mentioned on this page. If you want to develop superior sexual endurance on autopilot, enjoy multiple male orgasms, add genuine size and strength to your manhood and simply have mind-blowing sex, you need to upgrade to PLATINUM TODAY...)

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