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Ejaculation By Command
"Super Affiliate Inner Circle" Report

This strategy guide reveals 69 powerful tips and strategies to connect with this high-demand men's niche to skyrocket your sales and rake in a long-term, full-time income.

Download your FREE copy today before it's taken offline. This is to limit the exclusivity of these sales-inducing, profit-churning strategies to a select group of  serious affiliates only.


Dear Potential Business Partner,

ne of the biggest problems an affiliate will face is not having enough high-quality, high-converting products to promote on your websites, blogs or newsletters.

Here's the simple truth... the more high-quality, high-converting products you can promote, the more money you'll rake in (and very often, on almost autopilot mode too). Here's your chance to promote a proven product in a high-demand market and potentially generate an extra $500, $1000 or even $5000 - each and every month.

Introducing... "Ejaculation By Command: The Ultimate Blueprint To Superior Sexual Endurance"

This is a complete, step-by-step blueprint that helps men permanently end premature ejaculation, develop superior endurance and regain their confidence in bed.

Ejaculation By Command is the only PE program that does 3 key things synergistically:

Adopts a holistic solution to PE, enabling a immersive and transformative experience in bed
Leverages on a proprietary "Positive Affirmation" programming to produce powerful transformation in the mind
Provides unparalleled, priority client support - 24/7 with same-day response

As many as 40% of men around the world suffer from premature ejaculation and are desperately seeking a solution to this embarrassing sexual problem. This represents a HUGE, EVERGREEN market of ready buyers whom you can help.

Since its launch in 2008, Ejaculation By Command has established itself as a widely recognizable, trusted brand in the male sexuality space. This established branding makes it easier for affiliates to promote our product because of the exposure and trust it has built up in the market.

How Much Do I Earn Per Sale?

You earn a whopping 75% on all sales - including ALL backend and upsell sales!

Standard Package (Front-end) - $49

You Earn: $33.24 per sale!

Platinum Package (Front-end) - $79

You Earn: $54.01 per sale!

The PLATINUM Package is an upgrade offer for the Standard Package, and sells for $79. At 75% payout, this means you'll rake in a cool $54.01 for every Platinum package you sell in this high-demand market! Ejaculation By Command offers the highest payout for a premature ejaculation product in ClickBank.

[Screen shot of actual commission payouts earned by an affiliate]

About 40% (or 4 out of every 10 buyers) upgrade to the Platinum Package.

You can see the Platinum Package here:

The high commision payout means that if you make just one measly Standard Package sale each day, you can potentially make $11,966 a year. Watch how the figures add up below... it's really a no-brainer.

Sales  / Day $ / Day $ / Month $ / Year
1 Sale $33.24 $997 $11,966
2 Sales $66.48 $1,994 $23,928
3 Sales $99.72 $2,992 $35,904
4 Sales $132.96 $3,989 $47,868
5 Sales $166.20 $4,986 $59,832

And that's just for the Standard Package. Imagine how much more you can potentially make from those who upgrade to the PLATINUM Package! More importantly, with this high-quality product, you're also genuinely helping guys who are desperate to end their premature ejaculation woes.

(Income Disclaimer:
While the above income illustration is certainly achievable, it is by no means guaranteed.)

And It Gets Better!... A Highly Optimized Sales Funnel That Makes You Up To $131.60 PER Customer!

2 Fantastic Upsell & Backend Offers To Boost Your Earnings Per Customer!

Upsell #1 - Erection By Command
Secrets To Program Your Mind & Body For Instant, Awe-Inspiring Erections

Erection By Command

Upsell #2 - Orgasm By Command
Advanced Techniques To Give Her Intensely Powerful Orgasms...Instantly!

Orgasm By Command

We have multiple upsells and downsells in our sales funnel that lead to even more revenue per customer. Remember, not only do you get 75% of every upfront sale, you also get the same whopping 75% for every upsell and backend sale..

We've incorporated 2 of our high-converting programs - "Erection By Command" and "Orgasm By Command" - into the sales funnel of "Ejaculation By Command". As you probably already know, a lot of men who have issues with ejaculation control also (1) suffer from erection difficulties and (2) desire to learn how to give their women intense sexual pleasure. This presents a massive opportunity to multiply your commissions with the same prospects.

The way we've put together this "TRILOGY Combo" is going to build lots of synergy for affiliates. This is because the same affiliate cookie applies to ALL 3 products. And through our follow-up marketing, you get to earn commissions of up to $131.60 for ALL 3 products with EACH customer. 

For example, we've set up product links in all 3 programs and the member's area that promote one another, as well as in our follow up emails to close the sale for YOU... so it's a great way for affiliates to earn more.

Here's an illustration of what you will potentially earn (based on 75% commission):

Ejaculation By Command's Optimized Sales Funnel
Main Offer
Upsell 1/Backend 1
Upsell 2/Backend 2
Total Commission
EBC Standard
ERC Upsell
OBC Upsell
EBC Platinum
ERC Upsell
OBC Upsell
EBC Standard
ERC Backend
OBC Backend
EBC Platinum
ERC Backend
OBC Backend
EBC: Ejaculation By Command
ERC: Erection By Command
OBC: Orgasm By Command

"Upsell" refers to one-time offers using ClickBank's proprietary PitchPlus™ upsell process.

"Backend" refers to our follow-up marketing after initial sale, e.g. cross-selling via the member's download area, inside the products, and through our high-converting email sequence.

So all you really need to do is send traffic to "Ejaculation By Command" and we do the rest to convert that traffic into multiple sales per customer for you :-)

NEW! Cash Bonus Program

On top of the 75% ClickBank commission, you'll receive an attractive cash bonus of:

  • $4 per sale when you make between 60-150 front-end sales/month
  • $8 per sale when you make more than 150 front-end sales/month

What this means: You'll earn $41.24 for each Standard Package and $62.01 for each Platinum Package. With the upsell/backend sales, this can go up to $139.60 per customer! This cash bonus also represents more than 20% in EXTRA commissions for the Standard Package... so you're essentially getting more than 90% commission per sale!

We're able to pay affiliates such high commissions due to increased customer value, so it's a win/win for all :)

Let's break this down further for illustration...

Monthly Sales Commission Cash Bonus Monthly Total
60 $1,994 $240 $2,234
100 $3,324 $400 $3,724
150 $4,986 $1,200 $6,186
200 $6,648 $1,600 $8,248
300 $9,972 $2,400 $12,372
[The above illustrations are calculated based on sales of Standard Package ONLY]


  • You need just a minimum of 60 front-end sales per month to qualify. This is just 2 sales per day.
  • "Front-end sales" refers to Vendor Item #1 - #4 and #11 - #12, as shown on your ClickBank account's "Reporting/Transactions" page.
  • You may use multiple Clickbank ID's but you must provide proof that you own every ID.
  • Refunded sales and charge backs do not count towards your total sales count.
  • Bonus payouts will be paid by the 20th day of the following month via PayPal. For example, bonus for sales made in September will be paid out in October.
  • All bonus payouts must be claimed within 20 days of the following month.

To claim your cash bonus, email me at: with the subject line "Claim Bonus Payout"

Please provide your Clickbank ID, your PayPal email and the number of sales for the month you have made, less refunds. I will verify your sales and send you the payment within 5 business days.

- Lloyd Lester

How Well Does This Product Convert Into Sales?

Conversion rate depends on the quality of traffic you send to the sales page, as well as the amount of VALUE you bring to that traffic. The more targeted the traffic and the higher the value you create for those seeking out a solution to premature ejaculation, the better the conversions.

For example, one of our affiliates who sends out a personal recommendation to his targeted mailing list is converting at close to 6%, or one sale out of every 17 visitors! (Hint: He uses the pre-written emails given HERE)

[Screen shot of one of our affiliate's 6% conversion rate]

Another affiliate, who creates and gives away a high-quality bonus (such as this), is converting at 14%... or one sale out of every 7 visitors!

[Screen shot of another affiliate's 14% conversion rate]

NEW! When visitors exit the sales page without buying, they are presented with an opt-in page and encouraged to sign up for a FREE 5-day mini-course. This course provides great content and gives them a "sneak preview" of the product.

More importantly, this process significantly boosts sales conversion and and affiliates will be credited for sales that are referred via the mini-course.

This is a great opportunity for you to earn generous commissions that would otherwise have been lost when visitors exit the sales page.

A.I.D.A. Profitability Testing: How "Ejaculation By Command" Compares Amongst The Top PE Products

We recently ran a test to compare the profitibility of the top 3 PE product salesletters on ClickBank, including Ejaculation By Command. This test was carried out based on the powerful A.I.D.A. tracking formula, which is responsible for billions of dollars in annual sales around the world. It's the formula behind every winning direct mail campaign, every television infomercial, and it's at the heart of every successful online marketing campaign.

In short, AIDA stands for: Attention, Interest, Desire, Action. Once the first 3 steps are performed correctly, a prospect will take Action (e.g. make a purchase).

Using sophisticated algorithms to track and analyze responsiveness of website visitors, we were able to predict with laser accuracy - even with a small sample of visitors - how well each of the 3 PE salesletters will perform relative to one another.

Here are the results...

Split-Test Results Of Top 3 ClickBank PE Products

Based on this sophisticated testing sequence, it is clear that Ejaculation By Command outpulls and outperforms the other 2 top PE products on ClickBank.

[Advanced marketers may perform similar AIDA tests on their own to verify the results. Depending on the quality of traffic source(s), the AIDA rates may vary. But relative to each product, they should yield similar results with Ejaculation By Command ranking at the top.]

Exceptional $1.17 EPC In A Recession Proof Niche!

Ejaculation By Command is a hot offer that not only converts well, but also churns out an EPC (Earnings Per Click) as high as $1.17. See proof below.

This means you can easily triple, even quadruple your earnings simply by scaling up your best-converting traffic source.

[Screen shot of an affiliate's $1.17 EPC]
High $1.17 EPC!

Extremely Low Refund Rate!

Ejaculation By Command enjoys one of the lowest refund rates in the ClickBank Marketplace - see proof below. This is due to the quality of the product and the excellent post-sale follow-up that delights its customers. More importantly, our exceptional customer service helps affiliates keep MORE of what they earn!

Low Refund Rate!
Low refund rate of 2.24%, as displayed on vendor's Account Home page

Excellent Affiliate And Customer Support

I've personally responded to more than 2,000 emails from affiliates, prospects and customers - mostly within 24 hours upon receiving the mail. See screen shot below.

Excellent Affiliate & Customer Support!

Why does this matter to you as an affiliate?

  • Firstly, it demonstrates my unfaltering commitment to providing YOU with first-rate, unparalleled support to promote Ejaculation By Command profitably.

  • Second, my timely response to every POTENTIAL customer's enquiry increases trust in my product and helps YOU close the sale.

  • Third, my 1-on-1 priority support for customers delights them, and more importantly, boosts client retention rate and reduces refunds. This means you get to keep MORE of what you already earn!

"When and How Do I Get Paid?"

Clickbank sends you checks every two weeks for the sales you make through your affiliate link. Affiliates who opt for Direct Deposits can choose to receive the payouts into their bank accounts on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. 

Clickbank is one of the largest and most trusted online retailers selling digital/informational products, and they handle all the processing. You can even access your Clickbank account and view your stats in real time, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Clickbank has been paying affiliates for over 10 years and have never missed a payment. This means you will receive your commissions on time - guaranteed.

"How Do I Promote This Product To Make Money?"

It's really simple. All you need to do is send traffic to the website using your Clickbank affiliate ID. Leave everything else to us. We take care of all customer support and communication, and making sure the orders are fulfilled.

In Short, Here's Why You Should Promote "Ejaculation By Command"

Great Commissions

You get to enjoy one of the the most generous commissions for a PE product - up to $132 PER customer.

Awesome Conversions

Some of our best affiliates are converting at between 6 % and 14% (or 6 to 14 sales for every 100 visitors). Such great conversions are practically unheard of in the PE market, until now.

Extremely Low Refunds

Our refund rate is consistently below 3% because this is a top-quality product that solves premature ejaculation permanently. Plus we offer a ton of value to our clients in the backend and personally respond to them within 24 hours (often, even within the hour or two). This keeps our customers delighted, and more importantly, helps you keep MORE of what you earn.

Attactive Cash Bonuses

Besides the 75% ClickBank commission, affiliates can look forward to receiving up to an additional $8 PER sale, paid directly into their PayPal accounts.

Top-Notch Affiliate Tools & Support

As you'll see on this page, we provide high-quality and professional marketing tools that many of our affiliates find extremely helpful. But we don’t just stop there. We treat all our affiliates as our business partners, and provide personalized attention, coaching and support. We personally respond to each affiliate on the same day, 7 days a week, and constantly enhance and expand our resources to help YOU make MORE money. In short, we work with you until you succeed.

Widely-Recognizable Brand

It is always easier to close a sale when trust exists in the mind of a buyer. Such a trust comes about when a product has been endorsed, given exposure and recommended by other established names in the "love and sexuality" market.

Ejaculation By Command has been endorsed and recommended by world-renowned love and sexuality experts such as Michael Webb (, Gabrielle Moore (, Jason Julius (, Adam Gilad (, Shawna Leene (, Michael Fiore (, Susan Bratton (,  Josh Rosenberg/Isabella Stone (, Dan and Jennifer (, John Alexander (, among other established names.

Why does this matter to you? For one, it makes it easier for you to sell Ejaculation By Command because of the exposure and trust it has built up in the market. Plus, your visitors and customers will be delighted with your recommendation!

What Affiliates Have To Say...
(These have been edited and names changed to initials for privacy)

"Hi Lloyd, firstly I wanted to drop you a quick note and to say hello. I'm promoting your ejaculation by command product in the last few months and so far I'm very satisfied with the results. I made dozens of sales in this period and have noticed that the refund rate is lower than most of the other products in this niche and the conversion rate is very good."

~ O.Z.

"And, man, I don't know how you do it. I've seen a wide range of affiliate products and their tools, but you blow them all out of the water. You constantly keep your affiliate area updated, keep your affiliates informed, and your response time is impeccable -- light years ahead of the rest. Every vendor should take care of their affiliates like you take care of us. You're the epitome of what a vendor/affiliate manager should be."

~ J.M.

"Alright just got sale #2 looks like both my sales the upsell was purchased which is incredible! Hopefully this continues! I would like to get myself to 1-2 sales on a consistent basis then expand into other advertising avenues to get it to 4-5 per day. Thanks for your help by the way, its nice to talk to the product creators!"

~ D.S.

"Thanks for all the great tools up to this point! I am just creating my very first affiliate site. Your tools have been very helpful. I am very impressed with your product and your amazing response time. We have done lots of research at the same time, and your product really proves to be top notch. I really hope that I can help to make us both a ton of money!"

~ J.W

"I've learned more from you in 2 days than I have learned the last three years. I just checked my clickbank stats and I have made 2 sales in the last couple of days. As always, thanks for the great advice!!!"

~ R.H.

"I made my first sale on ClickBank with your ebook several days ago! That's cool. Your autoresponder e-mails work very well. :)"

~ A.

"Hi Lloyd, thanks for the quick reply and thanks for the bonus ebook that I can offer in my promotion efforts.

I've never met any product owner who offers so much materials for his affiliates. This was your main selling point because I looked at both your product and others and the affiliate support and materials given was the main difference. Just thought I'd throw it up there so you know you're doing good on that aspect as a product owner. =)"

~ J.W.

"You seem to know your stuff... That's why with your quick and positive responses I know I can entrust you to keep updating your product to sell for a long time. If so, your gonna see my name come up often on your daily summary. Thank you."

~ N.U.

Yes! I'm Ready. How Do I Start?

Step 1: Sign up for a free Clickbank account. This is easy and will only take you a minute. 

Click here to open a Clickbank account now! (skip to Step 2 if you already have a Clickbank account)

Step 2: Set up your Clickbank affiliate link. Your affiliate link will look like this: Simply replace "AffiliateID" with your own Clickbank affiliate ID. This will ensure that you earn a commission every time you make a sale. 

Step 3: Buy the product! That's right. I've seen so many reviews for products that simply REWRITE the salesletter as their review. This is not a credible endorsement and potential buyers will see through it. You'll boost your earning potential if you spend just $16 to get the product and do a proper review. (It costs only $16 - product price less commission - if you purchase it using your own Clickbank affiliate link and even make your first commission! And yes, I give you permission to do that :-)

Step 4: Add your affiliate link to the marketing resources below or simply use them as a template to create your own promotional content and start earning. When you create your own reviews and recommendations that are honest and sincere, people will trust and buy from you. It's a win-win.

Start promoting the product with...

Reports, Videos, Audios, Articles, Banners, Emails, Reviews & More...

Below are all the content you'll ever need to start
generating sales from this product

Rebrandable Report #1:
"Supercharging Your Ejaculatory Control"

Rebrand my new report "Supercharging Your Ejaculatory Control" with your affiliate link and start making money today.

Click here to rebrand & download report

You'll be able to embed your own affiliate links at the click of a button and download the report instantly.

Want to make sure ALL your prospects visit the sales page after reading the report... and BOOST your earning potential?

Download this PDF to experience this exciting new technique in action (HINT: Download into your PC, open and close the PDF report and see the magic that happens)

This is producing incredible results for savvy, successful affiliates. Email me and I'd be happy to rebrand the report with your affiliate link incorporting this new income-boosting technology.

So, what can you do with this report? Plenty! Here are some ideas...

#1. Put it on your websites or blogs

Click here to download webpage template to promote report

Click here to preview the page

#2. Send it to your list of subscribers. They will love free reports that provide great content

Click here for a pre-written email to send to your mailing list

#3. Upload the report to social publishing sites such as Scribd and Docstoc as a free download (with the right keywords, these can generate huge amounts of free, targeted traffic to your affiliate links)

NEW! Rebrandable Report #2:
"Unstoppable Stamina"


It is one of the biggest force-multipliers in an affiliate's arsenal. It will turn your one-time investment in effort, time and money into an ongoing profit center that keeps paying you like the goose that lays a golden egg every day!

This brand new rebrandable report leverages on that strategy to MAXIMIZE your affiliate revenue. You'll earn commissions not just from "Ejaculation By Command", but also from our other high-converting sexuality products. These well-established offers are specially hand-picked to complement "Ejaculation By Command", and are proven to convert well for the this market.

All the products in this report will be automatically rebranded with your affiliate ID, so that you get credited for sales.

You've done all the hard work sending targeted traffic. Now let me help you maximize the monetization potential of that traffic!

Here's what you do:

Step 1.  Rebrand and download report with your affiliate link

Step 2. Download this single-page template to put on your website. Click here to preview page

Step 3. Send this solo mailing to your subscribers

Both Rebrandable Reports #1 and #2 provide great content in preselling Ejaculation By Command. To maximize your earning potential, I encourage you to share BOTH reports sequentially in a one-two "presell punch" with your readers and subscribers.

NEW! Rebrandable Report #3:
"Best Sex Ever"

The most successful online businesses have ONE thing in common - ALL apply the power of leverage to maximize their return on investment of every single prospect that visits their websites.

And this works phenomenally well when you ALSO give your prospects the very best from your business. The biggest advantage. The highest quality. The most valuable content.

This report reveals 69 sensational ideas to help men spice up their sex lives, become sexually-confident and amp up their erotic adventures in between the sheets with their wives or partners. It BUILDS on the first two reports (#1 and #2) to DOMINATE your niche and gain mindshare of your audience.

This report leverages on a "Multi-Selling Strategy" with your affiliate links strategically embedded. It allows you to piggy-back off a selection of top-selling products (including Ejaculation By Command) that guys suffering from premature ejaculation would LOVE. This is a fast, practically effortless way to multiply your affiliate income 2X, 3X and even 4X without getting any additional traffic.

What can you do with this top-quality report? Here are a few ideas...

#1. Offer it as free report and build a list of highly responsive subscribers

Click here to download webpage template to promote report

Click here to preview the page

#2. Offer it to your existing subscribers (in the PE or sexuality markets) as a "thank you" gift - they will LOVE it!

Click here for a pre-written email to send to your mailing list

#3. Put it in your autoresponder email sequence to provide GREAT content and presell to your subscribers

Click here to access this high-converting email sequence

#4. Put it up for instant download on your blog or website, creating a viral effect and giving your affiliate links MORE exposure

#5. Offer it as a high-value incentive to encourage folks to buy Ejaculation By Command through your affiliate link instead of others.

Hint: Bundle it with THIS buyer bonus. It offers insane value to your customers, giving you a tremendous edge over other affiliates.

To gain access to this profit-pulling report that you can rebrand with your affiliate links, simply click here to sign up for the Ejaculation By Command "Super Affiliate Inner Circle".

It's free to join... plus, you get tons of other great tips, tactics and strategies that give you an unsurpassed edge in promoting Ejaculation By Command.

How The 3 Rebrandable Reports Stack Up...
Report #1 Supercharging Your Ejaculatory Control: Secrets To Enjoying Sex That Lasts
Starting on the right footing is important. This report gives an overview of the most important fundamentals relating to premature ejaculation that men should know. It reveals the REAL definition and causes of PE, as well as common treatments that can help guys turn around this embarrassing sexual problem.
Report #2 Unstoppable Stamina: 7 Secrets Porn Stars Know (That Most Men Don't)
Building on the first report, this reveals specifc, time-tested strategies that actors in the adult entertainment industry use to suppress their ejaculatory reflexes and last longer, even in the face of intense stimulation. It provides readers with "what to do", preselling and guiding them towards purchasing the full product to learn the "how to do".
Report #3 Best Sex Ever: 69 Sensational Ideas That Make Sex HOTTER
Great sex goes beyond just having sensational stamina. It's also about learning about a woman's sexual landscape, understanding how her body works and making her melt with passion. This powerful report builds on the first two reports, providing specific tips for men who desire to improve their sex lives with their partners.
Hot Tip: Each report builds on the previous one. Reports #1 and 2 dimensionalize the problem, offer an outline of your proposed solution, and invite an action from the reader to get access to the complete solution. Report #3 takes it a step further and offers specific content that informs, educates and entertains your audience.

By sharing all 3 reports sequentially, you'll provide ENORMOUS value to your readers, gain their trust... and make selling Ejaculation By Command a breeze. It also gives you increased earning potential by cross-promoting other lovemaking products that have been strategically inserted in Reports #2 and #3 with your ClickBank affiliate links.

NEW! High-Converting Presell Videos:
"xTreme Stamina Series"

Videos are an excellent way to attract, engage and inform customers. In this series of free, content-packed "xTreme Stamina" videos, you get to share insightful content AND directly presell Ejaculation By Command to your prospects.

The first video in this series is called: "xTreme Stamina Exposed: Your Top Ten Sexual Stamina Questions... Answered!" It was created based on a recent survey I did with my subscribers asking about their TOP BURNING QUESTIONS with improving endurance in bed. It's about 30 minutes in length and converts viewers into customers very well.

You can promote the video using the solo mailing below. You will be credited with a commission whenever someone decides to invest in Ejaculation By Command after watching the video through your referral link. 

IMPORTANT: To send visitors to the video page, you need to USE THIS CUSTOM AFFILIATE LINK:

(replace "AffiliateID" with your ClickBank ID)

Click here for a solo mailing to share video with your prospects >>

NEW! Squeeze Page Template

The smartest and most lucrative way to create a long-term affiliate business is to first build an opt-in list.

This is basically an emailing list of prospects to whom you can provide useful information and recommend Ejaculation By Command as a proven solution to their PE problem.

The problem with building a profitable list of prospects is that you need to:

(1) offer something of value in exchange for a person's email address

(2) have a high converting opt-in page (also known as a squeeze page)

(3) have enough useful content to get prospects interested and BUY your recommendations

You already have the rebrandable report to give away. To take your promotions to the next level, we're giving our business partners a "plug and use" squeeze page that we've personally used, tested and optimized for high conversions.

 Click here to preview the squeeze page

Click here to download the squeeze page template & instructions

[This squeeze page template is COPYRIGHT PROTECTED and is to be used for promoting Ejaculation By Command ONLY]

Once you get the squeeze page up, use the pre-written emails in the next section and get your profit pipeline rolling.

NEW! Multi-Review Site Template

Multiple product reviews are a very powerful way to facilitate the purchase decision of your visitors. By helping the customer and providing them with the information they need, you can score more sales and build a loyal customer base. 

Review sites are known for their high conversions. The customer has not one, but several options to make a purchase from one single page. The top choices and benefits of each are outlined clearly, helping them make the choice to purchase easy.

Concise and to the point, this particular format and layout have been tested to convert well.

 Click here to preview the page

Click here to download the template

[This review site template is COPYRIGHT PROTECTED and is to be used for promoting Ejaculation By Command as the top-ranked product for this review site]

NEW! Exclusive Audio  Interview  (With Rebrandable PDF Transcript) 

Audio interviews are one of the most powerful ways to presell a product and boost your conversions. It puts an identifiable voice to the expert behind the product, and offers high-quality content to help people address their problem. An audio interview also removes the veils of online anonymity and builds trust in your prospects and potential customers.

I recently recorded a session where I was interviewed on the myths and misconceptions surrounding the issue of premature ejaculation... and why believing in those lies CAN actually worsen a man's problems!

All you need to do is to create a page on your website that allows instant access to this high-value content (in both MP3 and PDF).

To make your job easier, simply do this:

Step 1. Download the audio interview (right-click and "save as")

Step 2. Rebrand the PDF transcript with your affiliate link

Step 3. Download this single-page template to put on your website. Click here to preview page

Step 4. Edit template, insert your ClickBank affiliate link and upload everything onto your server

Step 5. For best results, send this solo mailing to your subscribers

Some people consume information better via listening, while others perfer to read. To maximize your reach and conversions, you should incorporate BOTH the MP3 version of the interview AND the rebrandable PDF transcript.

Get creative and find various ways to leverage on this high-value content. For example, you may offer this audio interview as an "ethical bribe" to your website visitors and build your subscriber list.

[This audio interview and the PDF transcript are COPYRIGHT PROTECTED and is to be used for promoting Ejaculation By Command ONLY]

1. Autoresponder Series (Mailing List)

Studies have shown that a person needs to be exposed to a product 7 times on average before he/she is ready to buy. With the right email marketing messages, you have the best "leverage" to pull in big fat affiliate profits when promoting an information product. Emails also enable you to make a personal product recommendation to people who have already placed their trust in you.

One powerful way is to share the results YOU get from using the product (or even the results your friend got).

HOT TIP: Simply put these pre-written emails inside your autoresponder follow-up sequence to promote Ejaculation By Command and make money on autopilot.

Click on the following links to "copy and paste" the pre-written emails (or modify them to suit your audience)

[These pre-written emails are COPYRIGHT PROTECTED and are to be used for promoting Ejaculation By Command ONLY]

Email #1 - Your special report...

Email #2 - [FREE Report] Steal these porn star tricks to last longer...

Email #3 (version 1) - [FREE Audio] The REAL secrets to sensational stamina...

Email #3 (version 2) - Are these 4 myths killing your stamina in bed?

Email #4 - This ruins most men in bed

Email #5 - 3 "emergency" tips to last longer

Email #6 - Best positions to beat an early climax

Email #7 - Here's a shortcut to lasting longer

Email #8 - 3 things most men overlook in bed (but you shouldn't)

Email #9 - YOUR questions answered...

Email #10 - [FREE Report] 69 sex tricks women LOVE

2. Affiliate Banners

Click Here For Your High Quality Banners >>

3. Product Graphics

Click Here For Your High Quality Product Graphics

4. Articles

The websites and blogs with the best content typically have most targeted traffic. WHY? Because unlike solo mailings, articles educate while they promote (and the articles below are no exception!). Simply put - more traffic equals more money. Besides, search engines like Google LOVE articles and typically rank them very highly and these can bring you a flood of highly targeted traffic - which means more sales!

Publish these articles in your:

  • Newsletter
  • E-courses
  • Autoresponder sequence
  • Blog
  • Website

Or... grab these articles, bundle them together and create a viral report to give away.

When using these articles on your blogs and websites, it is recommended that you slightly modify the article titles and article body so that they appear as unique, fresh entries for better search engine rankings.

[The following articles are COPYRIGHT PROTECTED and are to be used for promoting Ejaculation By Command ONLY.]

NOTE: I'll be adding more articles, so check back this page often.

What is Premature Ejaculation (And What You Can Do About it to Achieve Explosive Sexual Stamina!)

Best Sex Positions to Last Longer in Bed - Are You Ready For Enhanced Sexual Endurance With These?

How to Prevent Premature Ejaculation - Are These 4 Myths Killing Your Sexual Stamina in Bed?

How to Have Longer Sex - Optimize Your Sexual Stamina With This Secret (Works Like a Charm!)

Can Premature Ejaculation Ruin Your Sex Life? Here's the Straight Scoop & How You Can Last Longer!

How to Treat Premature Ejaculation Naturally - A Simple 4-Step Strategy to Boost Your Sexual Stamina

How to Use Masturbation to Beat Premature Ejaculation (Secrets to Boost Stamina in Bed Exposed!)

Do You Ejaculate Too Fast During Sex? Stop! 3 Things About Premature Ejaculation You Should Know!

Premature Ejaculation Facts - 4 Tantalizing Truths About Early Ejaculation You Don't Want to Miss!

Treatment of Premature Ejaculation - What Makes a Good Treatment to Improve Sexual Stamina?

How to Avoid Premature Ejaculation - Stop These 3 Things and Turbo-Charge Your Stamina in Bed!

Want more juicy articles? Click here to get 40 articles!

IMPORTANT: How To Create Embedded Links In Articles

Let's take a look at these 2 links:

1. Learn how you can supercharge your sexual endurance at:

2. Learn how you can supercharge your sexual endurance right here

Which of these links do you think visitors are more likely to click on?

They both link to the same site, BUT embedded links (#2) will get clicked on more often, simply because it gives you the leverage to increase the 'curiosity' factor.

So how do you embed your links? Simple. It basically involves editing a very short line of HTML code.

The HTML code for a hyperlink is: <a href="URL">Text</a>

So if you want your link to look like this:

To learn how you can end premature ejaculation for good, click here

Simply write:

To learn how you can end premature ejaculation for good, <a href="">click here</a>

Just replace "click here" with whatever text you want to become your link. Then replace "YourAffiliateID" with your own clickbank affiliate ID.

It's that simple!

5. Product Review (Write your own or use the pre-written ones)

Product reviews are one of the most powerful ways to "warm up" your visitors before getting them into buying mood. Most reviews you see online are BLATANTLY one-side, showing only the good points. 

If you want to MAXIMIZE your sales, you need to give a real, balanced review - showing BOTH PROs and CONs. This way your review will come across as genuine and honest.

Put yourself in the shoes of a buyer. When you read a review, you want the honest truth - so do the same for your visitors and subscribers. I'm providing 2 versions of reviews that you can use - one is a short, concise review while the other is a brand-new, full-length review. Use these pre-written reviews or modify it to suit your needs. Look closely at how they are written.

>> Click Here For Concise Review

  Click Here For Full Length Review (BRAND NEW!)

6. 'Thank You' Pages

One of the most important places on your website is the page where you send visitors right after they sign up for your newsletter or autoresponder. 'Thank you' pages are prime real estate on your website.

By recommending a quality affiliate product on your 'Thank You' page, you can easily generate huge affiliate commissions from folks who trust you and are most likely in a 'buying mindset'.

There are many ways you can use 'thank you' pages to make instant sales and put your profits on autopilt. Here are two:

1. Insert one of the 8 specially-designed banners from Section 2 onto your 'thank you' page.

2. Paste the following text into your newsletter 'thank you' page and include the solo mailing or other content from this page in the appropriate BLANK area.

>> Click Here for pre-written contents you can include in your 'thank you' page.

7. Keywords

Choosing the right keywords is extremely important if you are marketing through Pay Per Click ads (Google Adwords, Yahoo and Bing etc) or optimizing your website on the search engines. 

Unlike other keyword lists, I only give you keywords that are highly relevant to my product. So you won't find any keyword combinations that don't help you earn a nice commission :-)

"ejaculation by command" keywords
These are very targeted, "transaction" or buyer keywords.
Tip: replace "ejaculation by command" with "ejaculation on command"

"premature ejaculation" keywords

"last longer" keywords

alternative keywords


8. Keyword Modifiers (NEW!)

You can (and SHOULD) add 'modifiers' to your core keywords to create longtail keywords. 

The concept is simple: Modifier(s) + Core Keyword = Longtail Keyword

For example:

"prevent" + "premature ejaculation" = "prevent premature ejaculation"

"how to control" + "early ejaculation" = "how to control early ejaculation"

"how to improve" +" sexual stamina" = "how to improve sexual stamina"

These longtail keywords are less competitive but can bring you highly targeted traffic through article marketing or Pay-Per-Click campaigns.

To create and test your own longtail keyword lists, simply add the following modifiers to the corresponding core keywords. You'll never run out of keywords for your marketing campaigns!

Core keywords #1:
premature ejaculation
early ejaculation
quick ejaculation
rapid ejaculation

Modifier 1

Modifier 2

You can choose to add Modifier 1 and/or Modifier 2, to the Core Keyword.

For example:

"prevent" + "premature ejaculation" = "prevent premature ejaculation"

"premature ejaculation" + "solutions" = "premature ejaculation solutions"

"advice for" + "preventing" + "premature ejaculation" = "advice for preventing premature ejaculation"

"tips on " + "how to prevent" + "premature ejaculation" = "tips on how to prevent premature ejaculation"

Core keywords #2:
ejaculation control
ejaculatory control
sexual stamina
sexual endurance

Modifier 1

Modifier 2

Like above, you can choose to add Modifier 1 and/or Modifier 2, to the Core Keyword.

For example:

"improve" + "ejaculation control" = "improve ejaculation control"

"ejaculatory control" + "methods" = "ejaculatory control methods"

"tips on" + "increasing" + "sexual stamina" = "tips on increasing sexual stamina"

"ways on " + "how to build" + "sexual endurance" = "ways on how to build sexual endurance"

9. Power Words

By strategically placing emotional trigger words within your websites, blogs or even articles, you will amp up your conversion rates like crazy, especially in a "pain market" like this one.

People buy on emotion and justify with logic. In other words, the right emotional trigger words can take the same basic message to all new heights and compel people to buy the solution that you recommend.

By carefully using these trigger words, you can turn an average converting page or article into one that converts phenomenally well. Go ahead, switch up those dull, boring and lifeless words and infuse new life with these power words... and watch as your clickthrough and conversion rates soar through the roof!

Attention Grabbers
These words can intrigue, tease, provoke or recognizes pain...

Power Boosters
These words add strength to any message (use them sparingly to create maximum effect)

Best of the Best
The product you recommend has to be more than just good. It has to be perceived as "the very best" solution available right now...

Everyone wants results.
It's even better if the product you recommend can dramatically improve results...

NEW! How To Outsell Affiliates

Think about this for a moment...

Why do some affiliates sell more than others promoting the same offer?

Answer: They have a competitive advantage. Whether it's a large mailing list, a high traffic website, a huge advertising budget or an influential network, these super affiliates have an advantage that the majority of affiliates do not have.

So what's your advantage? How do you level the playing field and get your visitors and subscribers to buy through YOUR affiliate link and NOT others?

Simple - you create an incentive. Offer MORE value.

In other words, you offer a VALUABLE and EXCLUSIVE bonus to anyone who buys through your affiliate link. No other method is as devastatingly effective as this in converting prospects into customers.

Now, here's something even better...

Because you're a special partner, I've created an order-producing bonus for YOU, to convince prospects to buy "Ejaculation By Command" through YOUR link. This means when a prospect buys through you, you will send him this exclusive bonus that will enhance the value of the main product. 

This bonus is not advertised on my website. It's not available for free anywhere else. And obviously to preserve its exclusivity, I have to limit the number of this bonus that I give to my affiliates.

If you want to get hold of this special incentive and outsell other affiliates, email me at with the subject line, "Buyer Incentive"

And provide me with these 4 simple things:

1.  Your name
Your Clickbank ID
3.  Your website URL for this niche
4.  How you are promoting (or plan to promote) Ejaculation By Command

Don't settle for meager sales. Offer more value with an exclusive bonus and see your sales soaring through the roof!

[This buyer incentive is COPYRIGHT PROTECTED and is to be used for promoting Ejaculation By Command ONLY.]

10. Super Affiliate Inner Circle

If you like the resources I've given you on this page, you will love what I have in store for you just by signing up for my Ejaculation By Command "Super Affiliate Inner Circle".

Here I will give additional tried-and-tested tips, tools, strategies and resources to supercharge the returns on your marketing and promotion efforts. These include the exclusive "Inner Circle Report" that reveals 69 powerful strategies to skyrocket your Ejaculation By Command sales, and the income-pulling rebrandable report "Best Sex Ever" that you can give away to your visitors and subscribers for massive affiliate profits.

Not found on my regular affiliate page, these blueprints and profit-pulling tools are the result of my marketing experience in this high-demand niche.

In order to weed out the 'do-nothings' from the 'action-takers', I'm ONLY offering this system to members of my exclusive mailing list.

My proven marketing tools will be yours - for FREE - when you sign up for the Ejaculation By Command Affiliate Program...

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So there you have it - everything you will ever need to start pulling in huge profits from promoting "Ejaculation By Command".  If you need more marketing creatives or if you have any requests or questions, please contact me at:

If you are interested in pursuing a joint venture with me, please contact me at the above email address and we'll work something out.

I look forward to working with you!

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